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What is Digital Marketing in Ipswich?

DIgital marketing does my business need it?

What does Digital Marketing Include?

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Digital marketing uses a range of digital channels to promote your product or service. Kris has been with these platforms since 2016, launching Northern Rivers Digital Marketing in 2018 with the backing of a local Queensland business, giving him a push to develop an ethical marketing business.

Kris has been privy to these platform changes and how adaptable you must be. Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving world and can change in an instant. So, what is Digital Marketing today? Let me break it into sub-categories for you. We will start with the following:

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): SEO aims to help a website appear higher on search engines. What throws a spanner in the works are Google Ads (Sponsored Ads). We have searched for "Shop front signs Ipswich," and you will see sponsored ads at the top. However, it's estimated that only 2.1% of users click on these ads.

Then, you will have organic search results.

39.8% of Customers go further down the page and click on an organic listing. Maybe it's the same theory: when you advertise your business sign, are you more memorable at the top, middle or bottom?

Google, Bing and Social ads

What are Paid Ads?

Well, it’s a bit like paid advertising, but you pay every time someone clicks on your ad (which is why your keywords are essential). It’s the same bill structure for Google, Bing and Meta (Facebook and Instagram), but the audience varies; understanding your goal is crucial to ensure you invest your money correctly.

Considering Google Ads? Google has automated many of its campaigns by offering ad type recommendations to business, automating google ads can cost you a lot of your ad spend each month. We're all for automation at BRD, but when it comes to investing your hard-earned cash on Google Ads, it's essential to know how your ad spend is being split across your Google Ads campaign.

For example, when you follow the ABCs of setting up your campaign (typically automation will recommend a performance max campaign), you miss things like adding negative keywords, which can cost your Ipswich business $$$ each month, which could be avoided by working with a local digital marketing agency. 

For example, if you're a plumber, do you want customers to visit your websites? Probably not; you want the calls, so invest in a calls-only campaign on mobile devices and develop the content around that. That way, you can invest more of your ad spend in quality leads, as opposed to lost leads on irrelevant clicks.

So, What are Paid Social Ads? Paid Social Ads are when you develop a communications campaign around a goal, working with a marketing and brand professional to build your concept, and a graphic designer delivers the creative based on the direction. The purpose is to follow the Customer Journey (more on that later). By following the specific journey, you build awareness for your brand, convert leads, and create brand advocates.