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As part of our ‘Empower Hour’ our digital lead Kris will personally connect with you to go over your Website Audit. Please note, as this is a complimentary service, you can expect a call on Fridays between 10 am and 12 pm.


Our services are tailored to uplift local businesses. The ‘Empower Hour’ exemplifies this, offering bespoke solutions to help Ipswich’s micro-businesses evolve into thriving small enterprises.

Our audit provides a analysis of your SEO performance, aligned with our transparent, ethical approach. We focus on practical, growth-oriented strategies, especially beneficial for micro and small businesses.

We believe in empowering all businesses, regardless of budget size. Our ‘Empower Hour’ is part of this commitment, offering insightful,  solutions for businesses at every scale.

Our unique approach combines ethical practices with personalised strategies. We especially focus on supporting micro businesses through our ‘Empower Hour’, helping them grow into successful small businesses.

Empower Hour

Feeling confused? Make a Empower Hour appointment to help unjumble the jargon.