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A Case Study of Local Ipswich Business

Ipswich business problems

Lets Identify the problem

Len is paying a large monthly fee for a service that doesn’t work. It was sold to him by a pesky sales rep who promised him the world and ultimately did not deliver. He was in a contract and it was costing him hundreds of dollars per month. 

Yeah, it still happens!

Company sells false narrative for profit

More often than not, we come across business owners that are sold faulty marketing products. A company is targeting small business owners and selling the message that they will get more customers to review your business. And we all know how challenging getting reviews can be. Why wouldn’t you jump at the chance to get more reviews? That’s what brings in the bacon, right? Wrong?


Paid Excessive Monthly Fees

To highlight, during this time Len had delivered services across that month, and still, he was paying hundreds of dollars per month, and the service had yet to generate a single review from these clients.

Len had been sold this “easy review” narrative, and for some time, he had been paying in excess of hundreds of dollars per month for this automated service, which wasn’t doing what they had promised. He knew he had time left on the contract, but at the end of the day, He wasn’t getting what the pesky sales representative had promised him over the phone (I know you’re surprised; insert sarcastic tone here).

don't get caught by pesky sales reps

We did it! Len was Free!

After a month of back and forth with this company, Len popping in for coffee (what is known as the empower hour today) to discuss, we finally got this service that never worked cancelled for Len and a refund for chargers debited from Lens account. Len was ecstatic to know he no longer had this monthly financial strain that wasn’t generating results.

Saved Len Hundreds of Dollars

Len no longer has unnecessary monthly chargers coming out of his account.

The Smile says it all!

I know it's hard to believe, but these moments are why we established our agencies in the first place. We were sick of unqualified marketing agencies taking advantage of everyday hard-working business owners by promising them a false easy dream.


What's On your Invoice?

Len’s story is the foundation of why we set up the Empower Hour; we want to help businesses like Lens be empowered. Do you need help working out whats what? Submit your details below, so we can help you.

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