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Our collaboration with Hartley’s Fresh Market has been incredibly rewarding. I was privileged to engage with their vibrant community ethos and comprehend the significance this brand attaches to the pure values of regional life. We’re referencing the authentic communal spirit discovered in Northern Rivers, which harmoniously aligns with the enthusiasm and values of our designer, Leah. So, what’s the update?

We’ve rejuvenated Hartley’s logo, incorporating a comforting twist that feels recognisable and refreshingly different to reinforce trust among Hartley’s customers.

Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate how the sun fills you with the warmth of a new day, the bliss of strolls, and the refreshing aroma of fresh air?

That’s the very feeling we aimed to encapsulate within our logo! The breezy typography of Hartley’s is reminiscent of handcrafted products and country fences, adding a welcoming element to the freshness appeal. All these elements foster an emotional bond with you, emphasising your trust in us and our mutual love for freshness.

But our efforts continued! We’ve incorporated the lively shades of coastal dawn and dusk into our colour palette, splendidly capturing the ethos of industrious farmers, fresh commodities, and energetic market ambience. Hartley’s brand was re-envisioned, keeping the future trajectory of the business at the forefront.

So remember, “The Sun Rises and Sets with Hartley’s.” We invite you to join us on this transformative journey

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