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Whether you are targetting a Local Ipswich business or want a national campaign, Bremer River Digital Marketing is your local Ipswich Paid Ads expert.

When considering Paid Ads for Google, Bing, Meta, Pinterest or YouTube, it is essential to understand what you’re trying to accomplish; if you select the incorrect campaign type, keywords, etc, you may waste a lot of your ad spend with very little return on investment (ROI).

There is a lot of jargon to understand regarding different Paid Ad platforms. For a more relatable example, you could have a builder build your house, or you could do it. You would quickly realise the value of having someone qualified on the job. It is the same for digital marketing paid ads; we’re on these platforms every day, we have spent long hours understanding strategy and industry speak, and after all, we’re results-driven – if your ads aren’t performing, we know you’re outta here!

pricing for google ads

Paid Ads Pricing for Ipswich Businesses


Set - Up Fee $249

$ 699 / Month
  • Initial Strategy
  • Goal Setting
  • Lead / Phone Call Tracking
  • Weekly Reporting


Set - Up Fee $199

$ 499 / Month
  • Initial Strategy
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Lead and Phone Call Tracking


Set - Up Fee $299

$ 799 / Month
  • Initial Strategy
  • Goal Setting
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Lead / Phone Call / Sale Tracking
  • Weekly Reporting

why google ads management?

The Benefits Of Paid Ads Management

When you’re considering to engage with a local Ipswich digital marketing partner for the management of your paid ads, whether it be Google, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Bing, YouTube, or Pinterest, there are a serval matrix’s to consider.  

No More Paid Ad Stress

We work with you to strategise your goals and take it from there; we answer the Google calls, and we keep your cost per click down, all while getting your leads.

Dedicated Manager

You will have a qualified and dedicated professional who will help you should you have any questions; there is no waiting on hold to speak to someone.

Weekly Reporting

There is no need to wait until the end of the month to see how your ad is performing; we send out weekly reports that we manually check and make adjustments as required.

your questions answered

What are paid Ads?

We probably should have put this at the top, but according to Lunio, 77% of users can distinguish what a paid ad looks like, so we thought we’d add this at the bottom for the remaining 33%.

Google Paid Ads

On Google, a paid ad is referred to as a Sponsored Ad; you will notice them at the top of search results, and in more recent times, they have extended to be included throughout the search results, making it harder for customers to determine which is a Paid Ad or Organic listing. A common issue found with Paid Google Ads is people do not add negative search terms; for instance, if your business name is "ABC Plumbing", you would add this as a negative search term to not waste your ad spend on a keyword that is relatively easy to rank organically for. If your Google Ads are set up professionally, you can avoid mistakes like this and focus your ad spend on your target Campaign to generate immediate leads for your business.

Meta Paid Ads

Meta ads are paid ads that you can use to target your market across Facebook and Instagram.

You do this by using Meta Business Suite; the back-end system can be complex to operate and, if done incorrectly, can cause more damage than good to your brand. How often have you seen a service advertised that isn't available in your area? It happens because the targeting hasn't been set correctly, or what about when you see a funny-looking ad on the screen? It hasn't been optimised for the many different ratios on Meta (Facebook and Instagram), such as Stories, Reels, Banners and Feeds. You are adding another layer of unprofessionalism to your brand. If you're investing the money in the ad spend, take the time to invest it right. Otherwise, it's just money down the drain, wasted on a poor strategy.

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