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Friends, Barter and Pro Bono

Bremer River Digital Marketing Special Programs: Friends & Family Discounts, Service Exchanges, and Pro Bono Work

At Bremer River Digital Marketing, we understand that business relationships sometimes overlap with personal ones. To accommodate various needs and to give back to the community, we offer three special programs: Friends & Family Discounts, Service Exchanges, and Pro Bono Work.

Category 1: Friends & Family Discounts

What We Offer

  • 20% Discount on All Services: Whether it’s website development, branding, or ongoing marketing services, we offer a 20% discount to our friends and family. 

Popular Package (Example only):

    • Standard Website Fee is $3600 -Less Discount of 20% is $2880 exGST
    • Search Engine Optimisation (How people find your website)
      • Free Set- up with Website Design or Discounted Price of $239.20.
      • Ongoing Monthly Commitment Discounted Price from $463.20 (this is dependent on quantity of keywords)


  • Normal Agreement Conditions: Our regular service agreement terms will apply.
  • Review Requirement: We kindly ask for a positive review on all platforms to acknowledge the value provided.

Category 2: Service Exchange (Barter)

What We Offer

  • Value-for-Value Exchange: If you have a service or product we could benefit from, let’s discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement.


  • No Discount on Products: The value of the products exchanged will not be discounted.
  • External Costs: Any external charges outside of labour (e.g., Gmail for email management) will still be billed, but we will charge this at cost.
  • Review Requirement: A positive review is to be left on all platforms.

Category 3: Pro Bono Work

What We Offer

  • Website Design: Free design and setup hosted by us.
  • Branding: We’ll create a brand identity for you, free of charge.


  • Work Priority: Paid work will take precedence over pro bono projects.
  • Hosting: After the first 12 months, a $250 annual hosting fee will apply.
    • Special Pro Bono Porting Fee: Should you choose to port your Pro Bono website to another hosting company, a $1,000 fee will apply.
    • Closure: If you close the website, there are no additional fees.
  • Branding: We’ll take a brief and maintain creative control over the final product.
  • No Pro Bono Digital Marketing Products: We currently don’t offer digital marketing products as part of our pro bono offerings.
  • Review Requirement: We kindly ask for a positive review on all platforms to acknowledge the value provided.
  • Case Study and Advertisement: As part of our Pro Bono work, we request the opportunity to create a case study and advertisement showcasing the work we’ve done for you. This is to help us demonstrate the value we can deliver, even when offering services at no charge.


Get in touch if you’re a friend or family member who can benefit from our services! We’ll discuss the most appropriate services for you, factoring in the 20% discount.  

A service exchange is arranged after a detailed discussion to determine both parties’ mutual needs and benefits. We’re open to various exchanges, so don’t hesitate to propose something unique!

We consider a variety of projects for our Pro Bono Work program. Since paid work takes precedence, we usually take on a limited number of pro bono projects each year.

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Whether you’re a friend, family member, or someone interested in a mutually beneficial service exchange, we have a program designed just for you. Click below to contact us today and find out which of our Special Programs is the perfect fit for you!