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Does Digital Marketing Work in Ipswich?

Case Study: Local Signage Business

Imagine a local signage company with a dated website, barely visible in search engine results, and receiving very few enquiries. Despite offering high-quality, responsive signage solutions, the business needed help to attract customers and expand its reach.


The small business was paying a large monthly fee to another marketing company with no return on investment. Upon partnering with us, we conducted a thorough audit and analysis, identifying areas for improvement. 


Recognising the need for change, the signage company engaged with us. They invested in a website redesign, and Bremer River Digital Marketing optimised it for search engine optimisation (SEO), aiming to improve their online visibility and attract more customers.

How Digital Marketing Works

The Results

The impact of digital marketing for this Ipswich Business was undeniable. The signage company experienced exponential growth, with a steady influx of enquiries pouring in through their newly designed website and optimised website through Search Engine Optimisation. They surpassed their competitors, securing top positions in search engine results and establishing themselves as a trusted leader in the signage industry.

Moving Forward

Buoyed by their success, the signage company is now in the stages of employing staff to meet the growing demand for their services. Digital marketing has not only transformed their business but has also opened doors to new opportunities and possibilities for expansion.

So, does digital marketing work? Absolutely. Partnering with the right local digital marketing business in ipswich Is not just a marketing strategy—it’s a trigger for growth, a gateway to success, and a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. By using the power of digital marketing, local Ipswich Businesses can reach new customers, reengage with old customers, and create financial freedom. 

Review From the Business

In the short time I have known Leah and Kris at Bremer River Digital Marketing, I have been overwhelmed by their extensive knowledge of the marketing scene. My website has been updated to an unbelievable level, and the money they have saved me in other areas is beyond belief. Leah and Kris are always thinking ‘outside the box’ and have ideas that are miles ahead of any of us.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bremer River Digital Marketing to any business requiring assistance and improvements in this field. They are absolutely tremendous!