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Introducing ‘Days’, a one-of-a-kind clothing brand born in Byron Shire that embodies diversity and individuality. Through my collaboration, I had the pleasure of assisting this determined local brand that features real people, including plus-size models, as the faces of their line. Days sought to distinguish themselves amidst the sea of linen brands, so I knew their rebranding journey had to be as unique and rebellious as they are. 

We launched into an all-encompassing rebranding journey, from revamping their logo to overhauling their website and Instagram presence, including refining clothing tags, constructing a comprehensive brand guide, and enhancing all aspects of their brand experience. We defined the brand’s target market and personas through interactive strategy sessions and crafted their Unique Selling Point, Mission, Vision Statement, and Core Values. 

Our collective efforts resulted in engaging, SEO-optimised website content, redesigned tags and packaging, and a brand identity that speaks to Days’ spirit. This exhilarating journey has culminated in a transformed brand we can’t wait for you to discover. Days stand for beautiful, inclusive linen wear that celebrates your unique style. We hope you find their brand as captivating as we do.

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