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Leah managed the rebranding optimisation project for Connect & Grow SEQ Inc., from revitalising the logo to creating a brand optimisation kit and designing an e-commerce website. This pivotal transformation supports the organisation’s growth and enhances its impact across South East Queensland’s key sectors.

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Brand Colours, Typography and icons

A critical challenge arose in optimising Connect and Grow’s brand: the initial icons needed to be more differentiated from the logo, hindering brand clarity. Understanding the significance of colour, typography, and imagery, I addressed semiotic issues and implemented strategic redesigns to effectively align the brand with its values and engage its diverse customer base.

  • Identified critical issues with initial brand icons, which lacked differentiation from the logo, impacting brand clarity.
  • Recognised the importance of colour, typography, and imagery in effective brand communication.
  • Addressed semiotic challenges, such as the negative connotations of crossed knife and fork icons, which conflicted with Connect and Grow’s positive values.
  • Implemented distinct colours for industry icons to align with their respective sectors and improve clarity.
  • Ensured that both the logo and icons stood out and communicated effectively on their own.
  • Developed taglines for the to align with the respective sector.

In my redesign, I implemented distinct colours for the icons that aligned with their industries and were distinct from the main logo, ensuring that both elements were highlighted and effective on their own. 

This strategic approach was crafted to engage our diverse customer base clearly and positively, reinforcing the Connect and Grow brand ethos through intelligent design and thoughtful use of semiotics.



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